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MCW Members-Only

What you need to know

MCW Members-Only

Our MCW Members-Only homepage is intended to provide you with an introduction to all of our MCW Members-Only web pages. You’ll also find a link to our apparel vendor’s website, documents, and forms including most notably our affidavit forms used for registering the muskies we catch, several of our most recent annual reports, our collection of photo tip articles, and some interesting historical documents including a 1954 muskie fishing tip article written by our club founder, Douglas Bournique. This collection of muskie fishing tips is obviously dated and while some of them have become comically entertaining, other tips are timeless and surprisingly relevant yet today.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions, and Feedback

Your questions, comments, suggestions, and feedback are always welcome. Please direct any questions, comments, feedback, ideas, suggestions, etc. pertaining to the content of our members-only web pages (or anything for that matter).


You Might Be Interested In

Club Information

Our Members-Only Club Information contains our current list of club officers and board of directors and includes contact info for each of them. We have also included links to several slide presentations which contain valuable and entertaining information available exclusively to our MCW members. We may also add more info to this page in the future. In addition, the right side of our club information webpage contains the same important and interesting club links as seen to the right on this page and described in the MCW Members-Only Home section above.

League Infomation

Our Members-Only League Information contains information about our league including a link to our league rules, a link to our league standings spreadsheet which also includes an interactive worksheet that you can use to see how individual muskies will score, photos from our latest league seasons, a photo album showing all league pics, and general information about our leagues.


Our Members-Only Newsletters contain links to our newsletters going back to 2002. You can spend a lot of time reviewing these newsletters and can gain an appreciation for what our club is all about including details about most of our club activities.

Photo Albums

Our Members-Only Photo Albums now contains a nice collection of club member photo albums. Some of these albums don’t have many photos in them yet, but once they start to fill up, this will certainly be a fun page to visit. As you look through our albums, you may think about past fishing trips or experiences that remind you of your personal photos. If you have photos that would fit well in any of our albums, be sure to let us know. Original uncropped full-resolution digital photos are preferred and can be emailed as attachments. If you have physical photos you’d like us to include but you’re unable to scan them yourself, we’d like to scan them for you so those can be loaded, too. You may bring your physical photos to a club meeting or contact us to make arrangements for us to get them from you so we can scan them. To ensure your physical photos are returned to you, be sure to mark them in a way that identifies they are yours and you want them back.

Club Apparel

Documents & Forms