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Members-Only Spring & Fall Muskie Fishing Leagues

Our popular MCW members-only Spring and Fall Leagues started with the inaugural Spring League back in 2012 by our club member, Rich Schilz. Our leagues are patterned after the very unique league format used by Sheboygan’s Between the Lakes Chapter of Muskies Inc (BTW). Rich Kammerer from BTW developed this league format which had been in use for about five years before our first season. After four successful MCW Spring League seasons, a trial Fall League season occurred in 2015 that was so successful that we now have MCW Spring and Fall Leagues each year. These leagues are a great way to help our members get out on the water more whether or not we have a boat or a fishing partner. The format of our leagues allows us to fish with and get to know other MCW members and has helped to grow a synergy among our membership that would have otherwise been difficult to develop. We realize that busy schedules may prevent our members from participating in our after-work leagues, but if schedules permit time for them – even if it is just for a single league night – we encourage our members who have never tried our leagues to join us and see what all the buzz is about. Put these league dates on your calendar and make it a part of your routine. We’re confident you’ll have a great time! The links below will provide you with detailed information about our league.

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MCW Members-Only Spring & Fall Muskie Fishing Leagues

Who can participate?

Only MCW club members, with or without a boat, are allowed to participate. Each week members are paired with a different partner.

How much does it cost?

This is a no-cost fishing league.

What kind of fish count?

This is a muskie league. Only muskies of 30″ or more in length are eligible.

How is the league scored?

This league is scored on a points system. Points are awarded for

  1. Participation
  2. Catching a muskie
  3. Netting a muskie
  4. Length of the muskie
Where can participants fish?
  • Pewaukee Lake
  • Okauchee Lake
  • Oconomowoc Lake
  • Fowler Lake
  • Lake Lac La Belle
  • Fox River
When do these leagues take place?

The Spring League takes place on most Thursday evenings in May and June from 5:00-9:00 pm.

The Fall League takes place on Thursday evenings after Labor Day for 5-6 weeks from 4:30-7:30 pm.

Why would someone want to participate?

While our league does have a level of competition, the goal of our club league is to have fun and build camaraderie among MCW club members. Participants will enjoy the evening while strategizing and working together and will likely broaden their level of knowledge in boating and fishing skills through sharing of information. By participating in this league, you will likely gain new fishing partners and friends. And our league champion does win a prize.

What does the league champion win?

The Spring and Fall League Champions are recognized at our annual awards banquet in March and have their name engraved on a traveling trophy that each champion gets to hang onto until the following awards banquet. Really cool personalized keepsake plaques have also been awarded to our league champions.

Are the league rules available for review?

Our league rules, as well as our league season standings and an automated scoring tool, are each available to our club members and are published on our members-only league webpage. In addition, our latest spring and fall league success photos are posted to that members-only league webpage as well as an album of photos from all past league seasons. If you’re interested in reviewing our league rules, you may request access to a copy of them by emailing us.